White wine is best enjoyed at lower temperatures, but be cautious not to make it too cold as it can dull its aroma and flavour. Fragrant white wines like our Verdelho can be taken out of the refrigerator slightly before serving. Red wine like our Shiraz, on the other hand, is ideally served at temperatures between 18-20 degrees Celsius or 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the summer months, when ambient temperatures are high, it may be necessary to cool the wine slightly to ensure optimal enjoyment. Red wine served at excessively high temperatures may become volatile, causing the alcohol concentration to dominate, compromising its true potential.

Choosing the Right Wine Glassware

Wine enthusiasts have a wide selection of high-quality glassware to choose from. The brand, style, and appearance of your wine glass set should be based on personal preferences, taste preferences, and budget. Prominent glass producers emphasize that the shape and size of wine glasses directly impact the aroma and flavor of the wine.

Many glass manufacturers have designed specific wine glass sets tailored to different grape varieties and wine styles. For general-purpose wine glasses, it is recommended to opt for large, high-quality glasses to minimize wine splashing while swirling. These premium wine glasses not only serve as functional vessels but also enhance the visual appreciation of wine color and promote the release of aromas from the glass.

The Neglected Aspect of Wine Glass Storage

The issue of poor wine glass storage is often overlooked. If wine glasses are not used regularly or stored in cardboard boxes, they can accumulate fine dust or absorb odors from the environment. Wine glasses stored in wooden or classic wine cabinets are particularly susceptible to this problem.

Using dirty glasses can also contaminate the wine. Dishwashers can leave a residue of detergent on the glass, affecting the wine's aroma. It is essential to thoroughly clean wine glasses before use. If lipstick marks are present, it is advisable to remove them as the wax in lipstick can decompose and affect the taste of the wine. We recommend cleaning and drying the glasses prior to use, unless you are confident in the storage conditions of the glasses.